Collector’s Spotlight

Diecast aircraft collector Angel Alvarez has an extensive collection of 1:200 scale diecast model aircraft. As part of this week’s Collector’s Spotlight Series, we had a chance to chat with him about his passion for the diecast aircraft collecting hobby!

Current Location:

Miami, Florida, US

Collection Size: 

101 models

Collection Scale


DF: The Diecast Flier

AA: Angel Alvarez

DF: When did you develop an initial interest in aviation?

AA: Traveling has been my passion since I was very young, and for me flying has been always where the experience starts. I remember arriving at the airport so excited and looking at the crowd, the runway, the gates, the aircraft slowly moving and imaging myself boarding to live a new experience. My interest evolved over the years when I completed a degree in mechanical engineering. My favorite courses were all related somehow to planes. I had and still have a crush on Thermodynamics, Power Plants, Heat Transfer, and Aerodynamics. I am a natural born collector, and this combined with my interest in planes and traveling became the perfect storm.

DF: When did you start your diecast aircraft collection? What was your first model?

AA: A very good friend of mine introduced me to this wonderful world of aircraft collecting about 2 and a half years ago. My first diecast model was a Boeing 777-300ER from Cathay Pacific. I was so excited about getting this airliner since I had recently flown it from Los Angeles to Hong Kong and Hong Kong to New York JFK . Initially, my goal was to collect those models I have flown. However, I could not resist the temptation of expanding my collection with those models and liveries that I have always liked or grew up with.

DF: What is your favorite aircraft?

AA: My favorite aircraft is the Boeing 777-300ER. I think that this aircraft has the perfect size and shape, and I have had the opportunity to fly it with several airlines: American, British, Cathay Pacific and Air India.

DF: Do you have a favorite aircraft in your collection?

AA: This is a difficult question because I have many favorites. I would say that in the case that I have to leave everything behind but I get to choose five models to take with me, I would pick: American 777-300, Qantas 747-400, American 777-200 “One World” Old Livery, American DC-10, Lufthansa A380.

DF: Most desired model you’re currently seeking?

AA: I can’t think of a most desired model, but my favorite airline logo is Lufthansa. It is simple but right. The A340-300 model would be a nice addition to the collection. Besides that, I would love to have an A380 from China Southern, ANA 777-300 BB8 livery, ANA 787-9 R2D2 livery and the Brussels Airlines A320 Tin Tin livery.

DF: Do you have any plans to expand your current collection?

AA: I definitely do. Besides the above models, I would love the following to be released: British 767-300, Iberia A330-300 (new livery), Air Berlin A330-200 and several A320’s such as TAM, LAN, Swiss Air and Avianca.   Also, I would like to expand the A340-600 models (currently I have 4 of these from Lufthansa, Virgin, South African Airways and Iberia (old livery).

DF: Thank you very much for your time Angel!

We hope you have enjoyed this week’s Collector’s Spotlight. Stay tuned for the next collection in the series!

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