Airport Spotlight-Poly 500 Intl.

In this segment of our Airport Spotlight Series we venture to Poly 500 Intl. Airport, a fictional 1:500 scale airport that has been well designed with plenty of neat features.


Alessio Sottile


Forlì, Italy.

Airport Scale:


DF=The Diecast Flier

AS=Alessio Sottile

DF: How did you decide on a name for your airport?

AS: Poly is the name of my little parrot and I dedicated my airport to him. Poly 500 Intl. was born.

A Herpa Wings DC-3 greets visitors arriving Poly 500 Intl. Airport.

DF: Closest Airport to your hometown?

AS: Forlì Ridolfi Airport (LIPK). The airport is now closed to commercial aviation.

DF: What led to your interest in aviation?

AS: I developed an interest in aviation in 2003 after my first plane ride aboard a Jet-x McDonnell Douglas MD-80 to Paris.

DF: What do you find most fascinating about aviation?

AS: The ability that aviation has when it comes to inspiring people across the world!

DF: What is your favorite airport?

AS: Zurich (ZRH), due to its diverse traffic, weather and viewing areas.

A Qantas 747-400 prepares for departure.

DF: What inspired you to design your airport?

AS: I read an article about a model of Scalise International Airport in “Volare” an aviation magazine. The model is one of the larger model airport dioramas in existence.

DF: What is the largest aircraft serving your airport? Smallest aircraft?

AS: The largest aircraft serving Poly 500 Intl. is the Lockheed C-5 Galaxy, while the smallest is a Cessna 172.

Sky bridges connect the terminal and airport apron.

DF: Favorite aircraft that is part of your diorama collection?

AS: A classic, Alitalia Boeing 747 (Registration I-DEMF) featuring the “Baci Perugina” livery.

DF: How many aircraft are based at your airport?

AS: I have approximately 300 planes. However, my airport layout can only handle 39 aircraft at once and has accommodations for the following types of aircraft: 4 long-range, 13 medium-short range, 11 regional, 5 cargo, and 6 in the hangar area.

Rush hour at Poly 500 Intl.
Herpa Wings Southwest B737 aircraft have a large presence at the airfield.

DF: What type different types of products did you use in the development and creation of your airport?

AS: I used cardboard to design and build new stairs, barriers and tunnels. For the fences I utilized a tulle of wedding favors.

DF: What ground foil product do you use for your airport?

AS: Herpa Ground Foils for the apron, terminal, taxiways and runway.

Aircraft prepare for servicing at the maintenance hangar.


DF: Are there any future expansion plans for your airport diorama layout?

AS: A new terminal with seven stands will be added soon. In future I’d also like to build a replica of my hometown airport. I plan to do this using cardboard material because it’s cheap, light and easy to shape.

DF: Do you have a website where other collectors can see your airport?

AS: You can find me on Instagram at

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