Changing Liveries: Airbus A320 House Colors to EasyJet A320neo

Mike C. from the Jolly Roger Co. is an expert when it comes to crafting custom aircraft models. He recently transformed a Hogan-Limox A320neo 1/200 scale model decorated in Airbus House Colors, to easyJet’s 250th A320 livery. Mike began the project by scraping off the existing livery with a sharp blade and cleaning the model with soap and water. During the final step the aircraft was repainted in orange, easyJet decals were applied and Humbrol Gloss Cote was used to seal the decals. The gloss cote also gives to ┬áCheckout the before and after photos of this project!

All Photos by Mike C./Jolly Roger Co.

A320neo model in Airbus House Colors before its livery transformation.

A320neo in easyJet livery after its transformation.

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  1. Thanks guys for the article, much appreciated. The model is now in the possession of my easy boy pilot son who was thrilled to bits with it.

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