1:200 Scale Product Review-Gemini Jets B747-100: American’s Short Lived Luxuryliner

Gemini Jets American Airlines B747-100 classic.

Gemini Jets has released a host of classic aircraft lately including several first generation Boeing 747s. With its release of the 1/200 scale American Airlines B747-100 (G2AAL623), Gemini focuses on the first generation Boeing 747 model, which debuted in early 1970 with Pan Am as the launch customer.

Gemini Jets American Airlines B747-100 classic.

History of Aircraft

This particular 747-100, tail number N9674 had a long service history with several air carriers. The aircraft began its life with American Airlines when it was delivered on December 5, 1970. American primarily used the 747-100 for its vacation destinations which included Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Latin America, and occasional transcontinental routes. In 1983, the aircraft found a new home with Pan Am as the Clipper Beacon Light. Four years later in March 1987, N9674 was introduced into the Tower Air fleet for a short time before re-entering service with Pan Am. After 25 years of flying passengers, the aircraft was transferred to UPS in 1992 and in 1995 to Polar Air Cargo where it ended its flying career.

Model Mold

Gemini has done an exquisite job with this 747 model and they’ve truly made it shine. Being a larger aircraft it’s definitely on the heavy side, yet when displayed on the stand included with the model, the airliner balances well. From nose to tail Gemini has done a remarkable job with the antennas, strobe lights, weight and size. The fuselage and wings are free of any signs of errors or defects from the manufacturing. The model features the two HF antennas which are located on the wings. These are small yet durable, which is another testament to the quality Gemini has shown in its recent releases. In the end Gemini has done a great job with this model.

HF Antenna on wing.

Score 10/10

Paint and Livery

G2AAL623 displays the stunning American Airlines ‘Silverjet’ livery which, helps the polished surfaces of the model glisten when displayed in sunlight. One small complaint I do have about the model is that it hides the details painted on the left side of the cargo doors. The paint is weak in that area, but this deficiency is made up for in other places. The signature red, white and blue paint on the body is free of errors or defects which, for the livery itself are easy to find due to its polished body. Furthermore, the each engine features a detailed spinner. In regards to livery quality, the only noticeable flaw was a smudged area of paint on the left side of the #1 engine. At the tail section, we are greeted with the American Airlines logo and eagle, both of which compliment the paint on the body of the aircraft. The small details haven’t been forgotten either as the emergency escape hatch above the cockpit is visible from above and the signature 747 LuxuryLiner name is featured on the nose of the aircraft. The registration numbers on the nose door are visible and clear from a distance which is nice due to the polished finish. On the undercarriage of the aircraft, service areas are clear and visible, yet if you look at them in the sunlight it seems as if they disappear, which is an added surprise. Overall the paint and livery quality are superb on this beautiful model.

Score 10/10


The quality of G2AAL623 stands out as well. The wings on the aircraft are very sturdy unlike some of the 747s Gemini Jets has released including the 1:200 scale Delta B747-400. The model comes with detachable magnetic landing gear which allow the aircraft to be displayed in multiple flight configurations including cruise and landing. The landing gear is very robust and the nose gear even features two gems that signify landing gear lights. As for the engines, they are of good quality as well and certainly show the strength of the 747. One added feature is their ability to spin when a small amount of air is added. Having skipped the Pan Am version of the B747, this model seems to definitely take the cake when it comes to the lineup of classic aircraft Gemini Jets has released.

The model does not fall short on the scale of being detail oriented. Many details are scattered throughout the model from nose to tail, with my favorite being the titles on doors. Strobe and landing light gems are perfectly positioned and have been glued into place very well. I guess you can say that this model certainly stands the test of time and has logged itself as one of my favorites Gemini Jets has released in the past few years.

Score 10/10


With this model being my 48th 1/200 scale model, I’m excited that quality, detail, and the production of historic aircraft are top priorities for Gemini Jets. Kudos to them for a job well done!

Score 30/30