Trump’s VIP 757 by Gemini Jets

A view of the forward fuselage of N757AF.

Gemini Jets release of Donald Trump’s VIP B757 model has undoubtedly been one of this year’s hottest items for diecast aircraft collectors. The model sold out almost instantly and now can only be found on eBay for a hefty price of $130-$260. We take a look at Gemini Jets rendition of N757AF (G2TRU645) to see if it’s worth the stiff investment.


N757AF has a rich history which dates back to its entry into service in 1991 with the Danish carrier, Sterling Airways. In 1994, the aircraft found a new home with the now defunct TAESA, a low-cost carrier which housed its operations out of Mexico City International Airport. The aircraft’s stay with TAESA was short lived as the airliner was purchased by computer mogul and billionare Paul Allen in 1995. Allen owned the jetliner until 2010 when billionaire and now President Donald Trump purchased the aircraft to replace his aging B727-100.

An overview of Gemini Jets rendition of Donald Trump’s private Boeing 757-200.

The Review

In this review I evaluate the aircraft’s mould, paint and livery as well as quality control. Each section has a maximum score of 10 points, meaning the highest attainable score for the model will be 30 points.


Gemini Jets has done an excellent job in its rendition of the Trump VIP B757-200 mould. The wings and vertical stabilizer are flush with the fuselage with no apparent gaps. The aircraft’s is two Rolls-Royce RB-211 engines which are each capable of producing 33,260 pounds of thrust, fit seamlessly onto the wings. When assessing the details of the aircraft, one that is easily noticeable is the Rolls Royce logo found on the each engine nacelle. Gemini has also done a nice job in its rendition of the nose and main landing gear as well as the communications antennas and equipment as they accurately reflect those found on the real aircraft. They’ve even managed to replicate the inboard wing landing lights.  Well done here!

The Inboard landing light and Rolls-Royce logo add detail to G2TRU645.
Underbelly shot of the G2TRU645. Gemini has done a nice job with the landing gear detail of this model.

Score 10/10

Paint and Livery


Several colors complement the B757 fuselage design including black, red, white, gold. Most of the Trump VIP 757’s fuselage is painted black, but the model also features red, and gold. The signature red Trump logo embraces the vertical stabilizer and rudder sections of the model. This logo is the same rendition found on many of the Trump Shuttle Aircraft. The aircraft entry and exit doors feature realistically detailed markings. Meanwhile, the model’s winglets feature white, red, black and grey paint. One noticeable flaw has to do with the winglet paint. The paint on the model’s inboard right winglet is a bit uneven, while the paint job on the inboard left winglet seems to be okay. Overall, Gemini has once again done a nice job with the paint of this livery.

The forward entry/exit doors are nicely detailed.
The signature Trump logo embraces the vertical stabilizer.
Uneven paint on the right inboard winglet.
The paint on the left inboard winglet is much better.


Score 8/10


Printing and Quality Control

Overall, the printing and quality control of the model is excellent. I noticed one flaw with the paint and that has to do with the gold Trump lettering. This lettering is found on both sides of the forward fuselage, however the letter “M” on the left forward fuselage seems to be missing a bit of paint. Aside from this minor flaw, I did not observe an other printing or quality control issues.


Score 8/10


The letter “M” on the forward left side of the fuselage is missing a bit of paint.




Gemini Jets has done a great job designing and producing this model and they’ve managed to create an accurate rendition of Donald Trump’s personal aircraft with exquisite detail. The mold is very robust, and although there are minor issues with the paint, printing and quality control, they do not detract from the overall beauty of this model. G2TRU645 will certainly hold its value for years to come!