Phoenix Models Adds Spinning Fan Blades to A320, A321neo 1:400 Scale Models

Phoenix Models has taken the next step towards making its models more realistic by adding spinning fan blades to its 1:400 scale diecast aircraft. The manufacturer released two videos of the new fan blades which will be part of its new A320 and A321neo models. The models will also feature a new mould. Checkout more of the videos in this article!

All videos courtesy of Phoenix Models.


  1. I have to ask ‘why’? These are not toys and I’m not going to poke a cocktail stick in the engine just to rotate the fan!!

  2. Blue Box did this like 10 years ago and people asked “why?” at that time too. It’s a gimmick and honestly what is the point of it..?

    Phoenix, rather than wasting time with this, why not spend that time researching the models you currently are releasing so that they more closely match the prototype..? Or how about releasing spares of your gears to collectors? Or fixing your B747-400? So many possible uses of your energy but, such a great waste of time for your models. Makes them way more toy-like for collectors. Great marketing move, people (joke).

  3. Agree, another toy-like gimmick to go alongside the out-of-scale antennas.Soon they’ll have flashing lights and drive around in a circle making funny noises like the battery operated toys I played with over 50 years ago!!
    No interest in gimmicks!!

  4. Hogan Wings has spinning engines on their 747-8i.

    I would rather have the landing gears removable like all the dragon wings. I really miss that no one else make 1/400 with removable gears anymore!

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