Aeroclassics September Releases

It’s mid-August, which means that with the new Aeroclassics release strategy it is time for announcement of the September Aeroclassics. All of last month’s releases are available, aside from the two Chinese A330s, and I know that Andrew used feedback to the initial images to fix some problems last month. This is a good idea and I’m glad to see it happening. In fact Aeroclassics actually slipped out some extra models last month including a very nice Sudflug DC-7C, UTA DC-6, Swissair A310 and Aloha Cargo 737-200. This month is yet another killer month with excellent long sought after models mainly utilising the 727-200, plus the returning Fokker 28 and Douglas DC-9 moulds. So let’s take a closer look at what September brings.

North by Northwest

The thermometer DC-10-40s from two months ago are now to be joined by a pair of thermometer DC-9s which is great news. Not only does Aeroclassics have a sublime DC-9, which is one of the best moulds ever made in this scale, but they are continuing the policy of enabling gradual replacement of older inferior Gemini Jets. I have the old Gemini thermometer Northwest DC-9-30. It’s ok but the new AC version will be much better, even if the red colour is too dark.

  • Northwest Airlines DC-9-30 N915RW “Thermometer”
  • Northwest Airlines DC-9-50 N776NC “Thermometer”

In addition to the 1980s Nines there are also three versions of the Nine in their last Northwest scheme. It’s a good livery, but doesn’t fit my collecting criteria:

  • Northwest Airlines DC-9-30 N607NW “2003 Clrs”
  • Northwest Airlines DC-9-40 N759NW “2003 Clrs”
  • Northwest Airlines DC-9-50 N773NC “2003 Clrs”

Diesel Mexico

Three more Mexicans this month show off three attractive liveries on the old Diesel Nine. The Aero California again replaces a rare and inferior old Gemini model, whilst the Aeromexico has only been released previously by Jet-X. Interestingly the TAESA nine is the airline’s only series 30 and the aircraft that was destroyed when it crashed between Uruapan and Mexico City. This crash was enough to effectively kill the airline as I discuss further here:

TAESA Pt3 DC-9 Disaster

My query with this release was whether the DC-9 ever wore the scheme Aeroclassics is proposing? The only photo I have seen shows it wearing the yellow top livery and the aircraft was only in service with TAESA for just over a year.

  • Aero California DC-9-30 XA-ADA
  • Aeromexico DC-9-30 XA-JEB
  • TAESA DC-9-30 XA-TKN

Familiar Fokkers

Anyone who follows Aeroclassics knows that Andrew loves Indonesian releases so I guess a pair of F28s from the island archipelago nation is no surprise. They are nice additions to your Indonesian fleet and Garuda was a major operator of the Dutch jet:

  • Garuda Indonesia F-28 PK-GVS “straight cheatline”
  • Garuda Indonesia F-28 PK-GFT “curved cheatline”

Aeroclassics has also shown a real interest in AeroPeru this year with 4 DC-8s already. I own the later 1980s liveried AeroPeru F28 and this month we get its earlier 1970s schemed pink top counterpart. Hopefully AC will get the tail and rudder colours correct this time (the rudder should not be the same colour as the tail as it replicates the Peruvian flag).

  • AeroPeru F-28 OB-R-1019

Also continuing on from earlier Piedmont and USAir hybrid livery F28s now we get the full 1990s pinstripe scheme on the F28-1000:

  • USAir F-28 N463AU “pinstripes”

Unfamiliar Fokker

British Airways liveried aircraft always sell well. During the early 90s BA invested in a variety of airlines including the French regional TAT, which operated some of its F28s in the Landor scheme. Personally I’d have preferred a TAT/Air France F28 but I suspect I’m in the minority and this release will sell well:

  • TAT/British Airways F-28 F-BUTI

Advanced 727s

Two months ago we got our first Braniff Ultra 727s and this month there are two more. I just hope this time AC gets the side engine striping correct and doesn’t revisit the same faulty colouring they used on their Ultra DC-8s from a few years back. I’ll take the chance:

  • Braniff International B 727-200 N479BN “Light Corvette Blue”
  • Braniff International B 727-200 N463BN “Terracotta”

Aeroclassics also likes a good European charter airline. Last month they slipped out a Sudflug DC-7C and this month it’s the turn of Denmark’s Sterling Airways.

  • Sterling Airways B 727-200 OY-SAU

Delayed China Buses -GSE?

The two outstanding Chinese A330s are still in the pipeline, however judging by the price change it now seems they may not be coming with new GSE? Not sure what is going on here.

  • Air China A330-300 B-5977 “50th”
  • China Eastern Airlines A330-200 B-5943 “Eastday”

Limited Release 3Tens

I assume the 3 A310s announced this month are all limited market releases as they’ve been done before to the best of my knowledge:

  • Air France A310-200 F-GEMG
  • Air France A310-300 F-GEMP
  • Lufthansa A310-200 D-AICC


I for one miss the ‘Mata Hari’s’ hints, as unlike Gemini’s clues they actually delivered exciting models. Nonetheless the releases are probably exciting enough on their own. Yet again this is a good month of releases from which I could buy most if money were no option. Instead I’ve settled for 9 of a great bunch of models.


  1. Another outstanding month of 80’s and 90’s classics. As you note, the new arrangement of announcing the models and posting art, apparently before production, allows the collectorate to comment and catch errors before production.

    I noted at a couple of other sites that the brown on the Aero California should be lighter, and the red a little darker. The four cheatline colors become incrementally darker, not three lighter colors with a very dark brown stripe.

    Also, on the Northwest 2003 scheme–The red looks right in the art, but it was too dark on the NW Orient DC-10’s. So AC should pay special attention to being sure the red isn’t too dark.


  2. Depending on the market, the GSE may or may not be included with the CA & MU 330s. Too many in the USA market complained about the added cost, while others wanted the GSE and were willing to pay the additional cost to have it.
    Check with your dealer before ordering!!

  3. I’m curious about the different fuselage shades on the NW DC-9s. I’m not too familiar with this livery of the airline. I remember the DC-10s in Europe in a silver livery but they were all the same shade.
    I’ve got a couple of AC releases from 10yrs ago of DC-9-50s in experimental liveries. These had a blue/grey tones to it.
    Anyone care to help me out and enlighten me?

    • The light blue looks wayyyy too dark, almost mercury blue in color, and terra cotta is definitely off.

      See the high quality photos with crew members in the door and the last photo on this brannif foundation page for what terra cotta looked like. I know some photos look a bit reddish but that is poor film quality at the time. Terra cotta never looked red in person.

  4. I’m also concerned about the shade of red on the NW ‘Thermometer’ DC-9s, also that Sterling 727-200 whose artwork definatly looks ‘maroon’. PLEASE can we have ‘standard bright red’ on these models?

  5. Lovely releases…agree a TAT/Air France F-28 would be nice too, but for now the BA Landor F-28 and Sterling 727 will do nicely…a couple off my wish list 🙂

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