JC Wings April 2020 Release Highlights

JC Wings has announced its lineup of releases for April 2020. Last week, the manufacturer announced 28 new releases both in 1:200 and 1:400 scale. Checkout the full release lineup and highlights.

1:200 Scale Highlights
German Air Force Executive Transport Wing A350-900ACJ
This brand new A350 recently rolled out of the paint shop in Hamburg, Germany and will be the first of three brand new A350s delivered to the German Air Force. This will replace the older A340 aircraft currently in use.  The first A350 will be known as “Regierungsflieger,” which means Government Aviator. JC Wings will release this model in 1:200 scale.
Aeroflot A350XWB “New Livery” VQ-BFY
In late February, Aeroflot took delivery of its very first A350 registered as VQ-BFY. The aircraft, which is named after Peter Tchaikovsky, completed its inaugural flight on March 6th when it flew from St. Petersburg to Moscow. JC Wings will release this model in both 1:200 and 1:400 scale and in the Flaps Up and Flaps Down configurations.
British Airways B737-400 Landor Livery G-DOCU
This Boeing 737-400 was delivered to British Airways in January 1993 and was powered by 2 CFM56-3C1 engines. G-DOCU graced the skies with British Airways for 20 years, before being retired in 2013. The model features the iconic “Landor Livery” and will be available in 1:200 scale from JC Wings.
1:400 Scale Highlights
Icelandair B757-200 “National Geographic Livery” TF-FIS
Icelandair and National Geographic have partnered together to bring travel enthusiasts the trip of a lifetime. For a hefty price of $89,000 you can take a trip around the world on this privately configured Boeing 757-200 with 75 luxury seats. JC Wings will release this model in 1:400 scale.
Cargolux B747-8F “50th Anniversary Livery” LX-VCC
This livery celebrates the 50th anniversary of Luxembourg based Cargolux Airlines. This special livery features the titling “Spirit of Cargolux” on the forward fuselage of the aircraft.

JC Wings 1:200 April 2020 Releases

Item Number Description
EW2175003 Fuji Dream Airlines ERJ-170-200STD (Silver Livery) JA10FJ
EW221N005 Misc. Dragon A321neo B-HPB
EW232N002 Swiss A320neo HB-JDB
EW2734001 British Airways B737-400 Landor Livery” G-DOCU
EW2738005 China Eastern B737-800(W) (Blue Special Livery) B-1317
JC2CTN144 Croatia A319 (25 Years Godina Livery) 9A-CTH
JC2AFL430 Aeroflot A350-900XWB “New Livery” VQ-BFY
JC2AFL430A Aeroflot A350-900XWB “New Livery Flaps Down” VQ-BFY
JC2ETD431 Etihad A380-800 (Choose South Korea) A6-APG
JC2ETD432 Etihad B787-10 (Greenliner Livery) A6-BMH
JC2MCD433 McDonnell Douglas MD-81UHB (House Livery) N980DC
JC2FBSBMVg0010 German Air Force Executive Transport Wing A350-900ACJ
JC2FBSBMVg0010A German Air Force Executive Transport Wing “Flaps Down” A350-900ACJ

JC Wings 1:400 April 2020 Releases

Item Number Description
EW421N005 Misc. Dragon A321neo B-HPB
EW432N002 Swiss A320neo HB-JDB
EW4738010 China Eastern B737-800(W) (Blue Special Livery) B-1317
JC4CSH083 Shanghai Airlines COMAC C919
JC4TLM243 Thai Lion Airlines A330-900neo HS-LAK
JC4ETD300 Etihad B787-10 (Greenliner Livery) A6-BMH
JC4ETD300A Etihad B787-10 (Greenliner Livery, Flaps Down) A6-BMH
JC4CDC344 Loong Air A320-200(S) (Tide Xiaoshan Livery) B-1866
JC4CSC355 Sichuan Airlines A330-300 (Chengdu 2021 31st Universiade) B-5945
JC4CLX356C Cargolux B747-8F (50 YEARS Livery) LX-VCC
JC4ICE398 Icelandair B757-200 (National Geographic Livery) TF-FIS
JC4CTV399 Garuda Indonesia Citilink A330-900neo PK-GYC
JC4VJC428 Vietjet A321-200(S) (Thomas Cook Livery) VN-A542
JC4AFL435 Aeroflot A350-900XWB (New Livery) VQ-BFY
JC4AFL435A Aeroflot A350-900XWB (New Livery, Flaps Down) VQ-BFY
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