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Aeroclassics December Releases

November 3, 2017 Richard Stretton 3

Aeroclassics was well known for the secrecy surrounding its releases but no more! Not only are they advertising releases ahead of their release but they are now even two months ahead and so it was […]

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Aeroclassics November Releases

October 5, 2017 Richard Stretton 3

This may seem like deja vu but literally only a week after announcing the October Aeroclassics releases they have announced, out of the blue, the November releases as well. In addition the October releases are […]

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Aeroclassics October Releases

September 20, 2017 Richard Stretton 8

It’s slightly later in September than for previous months but the now familiar pre-release announcement from Aeroclassics is in. The past few months have had some really impressive releases and necessitated large numbers of purchase […]

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Inflight200 Release Announcement

September 2, 2017 The Diecast Flier 0

Inflight200 has announced the release of 8 new diecast aircraft models scheduled to be available in November. Several retro models are part of the lineup including an Eastern DC-10, General Dynamics CV-880, World Airways B747-200 […]