No Point Airport Releases Model SXM Series Groundfoil and Building Kits

Princess Juliana International Airport Terminal Building Kit.

No Point Airport has released its SXM Series airport diorama which includes a groundfoil and building kits of the Princess Juliana International Airport. The terminal building kit offers extendable and retractable jetways. Groundfoil features include realistic roadway markings, aprons, a blast pad, houses, swimming pools and the world famous Maho Beach. Building kits are available for the cargo, domestic and ground service equipment buildings, power houses, beach bars, control tower and Royal Islander Club Hotel. The SXM series is available in both 1:400 and 1:500 scale.

A KLM 747-400 makes its final approach over the world famous Maho Beach.
Beach bar Building Kits are a perfect fit with the Maho Beach groundfoil.
Swimming Pool Building Kit.
A complete view of The Royal Islander Club Hotel and its swimming pool.

Royal Islander Club Hotel Building Kit.
Princess Juliana International Airport Terminal Building Kit.
The SXM groundfoil kit also features realistic roadways complete with markings.
Cargo Facility and Domestic Apron Building Kit.

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  1. Absolutely fantastic! The only issue I have is that you are somewhat limited which model airliners/airlines you can put on it, to complete the authenticity? How long has it looked like this and what retro airliners would be appropriate for a historical version? Would like to know when that terminal was built? I see what appears to be a KLM F27 on the layout – surely not?

    • Hi Adrian,

      Thank you for your compliment!

      We made this diorama like it is nowadays and because of many request for an Airport surounded by water.
      St. Maarten has also a link with The Netherlands where our office is located. We cannot help you with questions about its history and Aircraft. Sure you can find this information at Google.

      The F27 Aircraft is just an example. It’s to our customers to make their diorama even more lifelike with the right Aircraft. Our focus is developing Groundfoils and Building Kits. Feel free to visit our website for our larger Airports at:

      Kind regards,
      Percy Spee

      No point Airport

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