Inflight200 Announces KLM Farewell 747 Model

Inflight200 has announced the release of a 1:200 scale KLM Boeing 747-400, PH-BFT which is a rendition of the aircraft that made the final KLM 747 flight on March 28th. KLM Flight 686 departed Mexico City on Saturday, March 28th, at 9:19PM, enroute to Amsterdam and arrived on Sunday, March 29th at 3:40PM. Delivered in May 1997, PH-BFT was known as the City of Tokyo and features the KLM 100 Livery. The Inflight200 model will come with a stand and commemorative collectors coin. KLM introduced the Boeing 747 into its fleet in February 1971, when it debuted the Boeing 747-200B.

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