Retro Review: Inflight200 American B747SP LuxuryLiner

Inflight200 American 747SP LuxuryLiner Nose.

Again, I find myself reviewing an American Airlines jumbo, yet this time it has changed to the 747SP, the smallest aircraft in the Boeing 747 family. Join me as I take a look at Inflight200’s rendition of N602AA, a former American Airlines B747SP.

Aircraft History

Ship N602AA started its life as N57203 with Trans World Airlines, where it served their fleet from May 1980 until October 1986. The aircraft was then transferred to American Airlines and used on the carrier’s New York JFK to London Heathrow route. According to the June 1987 and October 1991 American Airlines Timetables, the flight numbers which had the 747SP routes were American 60, 61, 726, 727, 728 and 729 which graced the Dallas Ft. Worth to Tokyo Narita service. In 1991, flights 100, 101, 104, 105, 2741, and 2748 served the New York JFK to London Heathrow market. These flights were later flown by American’s MD-11 and DC-10 aircraft. ¬†After its time with American Airlines in December 1994, N602AA was purchased by the Dubai Air Wing and registered as A6-SMM. In 2004, the jetliner was transferred to Ernest Angley Ministries where it was re-registered as P4-FSH. The 37 year-old aircraft has certainly had a long history and remains in service today!

Model Mold

Model overview.

When looking at the model itself it was interesting to see the difference between the B747-100 and the SP version. I could tell that for its short yet heavy stature the aircraft is well constructed. The aircraft has HF antennas on both wings, strobe gems, and the small details needed for making it look realistic. There were no errors or issues noted for this aircraft. It’s evident that Inflight200 focused on quality control to make this limited edition release an outstanding model for collectors.

Score 10/10

Paint and Livery

This particular model features the “Chrome livery” and is well polished. The paint scheme is superb and realistic, compared to the real life version of the aircraft. Inflight has done an excellent job focusing on the small details such as the LuxuryLiner titles, which are present on the nose section of the aircraft. Meanwhile, the entry/exit doors and cargo doors are accurately depicted, while the front landing gear doors feature the aircraft registration. One interesting thing to note, is that Inflight200 did not use light gems for the wing lights in the design of this model.

Score 10/10

Quality Control

As I’ve previously said, Inflight has done a great job with this model. It’s quality is excellent however, when I viewed the front landing gear, it was slightly bent, which to me is a small issue. The underbelly of the aircraft is fitted with air intake ports, but lacks a stand hole. The APU intake as well as the APU access door are clearly marked. Finally the last minor issue, I noted was a small gap on the right wing which connects to the fuselage of the aircraft. That along with the landing gear are the only noted issues that were seen when I had looked over the aircraft.

Score 7/10


Inflight200 has done a fantastic job at making this model realistic! This model was #360 of the limited production run is one that was made with tender loving care!

Final score 27/30