GeminiJets Announces March 2019 Releases

Virgin Atlantic B747-400 “Flaps Down” G-VBIG G2VIR766F

GeminiJets has announced its lineup of releases for March 2019. This month a total of 19 releases are scheduled and include 1:200 scale, 1:400 scale, and several GeminiMACS aircraft. Checkout the full list of releases!

1:400 Scale Highlights

There are several classic models which are likely to be hot items with the March releases. Two Boeing 747-400s are part of the lineup (El Al “Goodbye Livery”, and British Airways). Another hot classic is the American Airlines MD-80. Recently we’ve also seen quite a few L-1011-1 releases and March will bring another classic Tristar, this time decorated in the British Airways “Landor Livery”.

United B737-800(S) N14237 GJUAL1796
Aircraft Maintenance Scaffolding GJAMS1828
Emirates B777-300ER “Orange Expo 2020” A6-EPO GJUAE1816
El Al B747-400 “Goodbye Flight” 4X-ELB GJELY1810
China Eastern A320neo B-1211 GJCES1599
British Airways B747-400 G-BYGF GJBAW1792
British Airways L-1011-1 “Landor Livery” G-BBAF GJBAW428
American MD-80 “Polished” N9621A GJAAL1794

1:200 Scale Highlights

Perhaps the highlight among 1:200 scale models will be the Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 “Flaps Down”. This is one of the very first 1:200 scale “Flaps Down” models released by Gemini. The Boeing 757-200 makes a return in the current American Airlines livery, as well as a Delta MD-88.

WestJet Saab 340B C-GPCF G2WJA782
Virgin Atlantic B747-400 “Flaps Down” G-VBIG G2VIR766F
Virgin Atlantic B747-400 G-VBIG G2VIR766
Singapore Air Force KC-135R 752 G2SAF746
Emirates A380-800 “Green Expo 2020” A6-EEW G2UAE774
Delta Air Lines MD-88 N903DE G2DAL791
British Airways A321neo G-NEOP G2BAW802
American B757-200(W) N203UW G2AAL767
Alliance Airlines Fokker F-100 VH-UQC G2UTY765


Two GeminiMACS models are featured as part of the March releases and include a 1:400 scale Thai Air Force C-130, and Charlotte Air National Guard Boeing C-17.

USAF Boeing C-17 “Charlotte ANG” 00183 GMUSA085
Thai Air Force C-130 60108 GMTAF082

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  1. Can’t see the point in yet another standard British Airways 747, when clearly this should have been the ‘BOAC’ retrojet?
    Not surprised by the BA Landor TriStar though, trying to get ahead of the NG and AC releases no doubt!

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