Inflight200 Announces BOAC/British Airways “100th Anniversary” Boeing 747-400 Model

Inflight200 has announced that it will release a 1:200 scale BOAC/British Airways “100th Anniversary” Boeing 747-400. The model is a rendition of the actual British Airways Boeing 747-400 recently painted in the BOAC colors to commemorate the “100th Anniversary” of British Airways. It will also feature a special collector’s card, centenary sleeve, and Speedbird stand. The actual aircraft was painted in Dublin and made the journey to London Heathrow on Monday morning. The aircraft will wear the livery until 2023, when it is expected to be retired.

British Airways “100th Anniversary Boeing 747-400 paint job was recently revealed to the public. Photo Credit British Airways.
Inflight200 1:200 BOAC / British Airways Boeing 747-400 100 year anniversary w/stand G-BYGC #BA100

BOAC/British Airways “100th Anniversary” Boeing 747-400 Details

Model Number: #BA100

Registration: G-BYGC

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