Air Force One Through the Years

An overview of Minh Nyugen's Air Force One collection.

Fascinated by aviation at an early age, Minh Nguyen became a diecast model aircraft collector four months ago. Since acquiring his first model, a Phoenix Jetstar 787-8, he has amassed a collection of over 130 diecast aircraft. His collection also includes a series of Air Force One models. We chat with Minh about his unique collection in this week’s Collectors Spotlight Series.

Current Location: Miami, FL, USA

DF=The Diecast Flier

MN=Minh Nguyen

DF=What inspired you to develop a collection of Air Force One models?

MN=Historical interests mostly. It’s fascinating to see the growth in size of the planes over the generations.

DF=What scale models sizes are part of your collection?

MN=I have mostly 1/400, but I do also have a few 1/200, 1/144, 1/72 (helicopters and warbirds).

Dragon Wings Lockheed VC-121E “Columbine III”.
Aeroclassics USAF DC-4.

DF=What is your favorite Air Force One aircraft?

MN=VC-25A! It’s the best so far! Also the most detailed model in my collection.

Gemini Jets VC-25A.

DF=How many Air Force One aircraft do you have in your collection?

MN=I have many and here they are!

  • Dragon Wings and Gemini VC-25A: The Gemini one is the most detailed by far of all the ones available (Gemini, Dragon, Herpa). But the Dragon version is the only model that allows a wheels up in-flight mode. They also have different tail numbers corresponding to both of the current VC-25A aircraft.
  • Dragon Wings VC-137
  • Dragon Wings VC-121
  • Herpa Wings VC-118.
  • Aeroclassics DC-4 USAF: stand-in for VC-54C since I haven’t been able to find a 1/400 VC-54C.
An overview of Minh Nyugen’s Air Force One collection.

DF=Are there any aircraft that you don’t have and are looking to acquire for your collection?

MN=I hope to acquire several models to add to my collection in the future. Here’s a list of them.

  1. Hobbymaster  1/200 VC-54C (which has the correct registration and paint scheme for Sacred Cow).
  2. Corgi 1/375 Pan American World Airways Boeing 314 (the first plane to carry a sitting president).
  3. Dragon C-32 Air Force Two. The president does occasionally use this if for whatever reason they can’t fly into an airport with the 747.
Dragon Wings VC-137C.
Herpa WIngs DC-4/C-118 “The Independence”.

DF=Thank you very much for your time Minh! Want to be part of our Collector’s Spotlight Series. Send photos of your collection to




  1. Can I buy the Dragon Wings VC-137C from you? I’ve been looking for one to buy for a gift for my fiancé. I want to surprise him.

    Thank you

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