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We’re happy to introduce ModelAirlinerTV to you, a new way of bringing you content! In the future we’ll bring you model reviews, product release news, model show information and more! Today were excited to bring you a review of the TWA 707-300 by Inflight200 and Northwest Boeing 747-400 by B-Models. You can find both of these models at DGPilot Aviation Collectibles, the official store of ModelAirliner.com!

ModelAirliner.com TV Throwback Thursday Featuring B-Models Northwest 747-400 and Inflight200 TWA 707-300!


Inflight200 Northwest Airlines Boeing 747-400 N665US with Stand B-744-NW-12

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  1. Hi Donnie, a great addition for collectors. However, not sure what kind of collector you are aiming at, as you are stating the obvious when reviewing these models. I note you have not pointed out the errors on the TWA 707 – it should have red ‘TWA’ logos above both wings that have been missed off and I’m unsure when ‘escape walkway markings’ were applied and don’t think TWA 707s had them in the ’60s?

    • Hi Adrian thank you for the feedback. Some of our content will feature reviews, and some just an overview of the models. This first review was a Throwback Thursday, where we basically take a look at the detail and overview of the models. So therefore, you’ll see a variety of content, some with reviews, and some with just a model overview of the details and a bit of history of the models.

  2. I love this. Great to see some of this in video. I still consider myself to be relatively new to the die cast collecting world and it is great to see what other collectors are seeing in different models. Can’t wait to see more.
    Suggestion- do something on the new 1/200s coming out with the new UAL livery

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