An overview of Hu Chow’s 1/400 scale rendition of Hong Kong’s Kai Tak Airport.


  1. Great work, Hu Chow! I wish I had the space and funds to do dioramas. This display is worthy of a history museum. I own most of the models to do this diorama, too. I can’t see the background wall–is there an image of Checkerboard Hill back there? :+)


    • Thx Jim, i only wish I had the space for Kowloon city lol. My fantasy would be to do the entire airport with the runway…..Haha. Not so easy considering space constraints in hk.

  2. Hu Chow- Excellent attention to detail. Do you have it on permanent display or is it mobile? I’m just finishing a 1:400 IAB at JFK circa 1978 and had a lot of fun with the old ramp and building design and the unusual over wing jetway bridges. I’ll send you a few photos if you like. Again, well done work on HKG. A great part of history.

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