Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair Announces 2019 Show-Model Airliner Magazine Will Be Official Partner

This year's inaugural Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair attracted over 1,000 visitors from across the world. Photo courtesy of Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair.

The Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair has announced its 2019 show, which will be held in Amsterdam on February 24th, 2019. The fair will feature everything for the aviation enthusiast including model aircraft, aviation books, memorabilia, postcards and more. This year’s inaugural fair held on February 25th attracted 1,030 visitors, and hosted 205 booths with over 100 different vendors. The fair has surpassed the London Gatwick Enthusiasts Fair as the largest fair dedicated to aviation collectors in Europe! Model Airliner Magazine is proud to serve as the Official Partner of the 2019 fair! Checkout the full details below!

2019 Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair

Date: February 24th, 2019

Location: Van der Valk Hotel A4 Schiphol

Table reservations will be available starting June 1st, 2018

For more information visit the Amsterdam Aviation Collectors Fair Website at